Court Interpreter Minimum Continuing Education


CIMCE Courses for 2019


Course L5094 - 3 Units  - New this Fall!

The Basics of Labor Law Terminology   The fundamental terms regarding the labor relationship, from the hiring process, employer/employees agreements, and termination. The second half focuses on the Agriculture Labor Relations Board, its role and types of hearings.


Course L5101 - 3 Units 

Who's Who In Government  From AUSAs to Whips, a compare-and-contrast look at the titles and positions of federal, state and local government officials in the United States and their counterparts in two other federal republics: Argentina and Mexico.

Course L5102 - 3 Units 

Interpreting a Real Estate Transaction  A step-by-step look at the stages in a real estate transaction -- from listing to escrow to closing -- and their equivalents in Latin American countries. 

Course L5100 - 6 Units 

Legal Systems in the U.S. and Latin America: A Survey  An eye-opening overview and comparison of the criminal law systems of eight Latin American countries, and the U.S. and California courts.

Course L - 3 Units (Not offered this fall.)

Grades, Trades and Automobiles  Useful for depos or court work, this course covers: 1) the education systems in 14 countries in the Americas; 2) the essential hand tools and equipment used in construction trades;  3) the parts of an automobile and a mechanic's basic tools. 

Course L - 3 Units (Not offered this fall.)

 Civil Trials and Terminology in Latin America  The various types of civil trials and terminology in Civil Law countries, and a comparison with our Common Law system.

Course L - 3 Units (Not offered this fall.)

Criminal Trial Terminology in Latin America  Get current on the most up-to-date terms in criminal law procedure in Argentina, El Salvador and Mexico, and their equivalents in the California and Federal courts.

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Reseda:                      Jesús Rivera's Residence  

                                     Sun. Nov. 17   L5094 at 9 am -- L5102 at 1 pm

                                    1 hour for lunch

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